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Trudging Together


During my second year of sobriety I would have my first panic attack and this one day would change my entire life. Fear would keep me in  my bedroom for months. I was lost and afraid and that loneliness we feel in addiction started to come back. After months of therapy my wife and therapist convinced me that I was dealing with PTSD and they stated that I was only allowed to work if it helped others and an ideal was born. There had to be other people like me out there, so I decided that I was going to go LIVE each day and let others know what was going on with me and I got results! I had been going LIVE for about a year when the Corona Virus appeared and EVERYBODY came into my little world and that is when I started podcasting. 

The purpose of Trudging Together was to help at least one person a day. To this day that is still what we do. I believe in attraction rather than promotion and that has allowed us to grow naturally. We are always thinking of new ways to get the right information to you. Today Trudging Together is community of like minded people with altruistic intentions!

What do we do?

Connect. Share. Learn. Grow.

More than anything Trudging Together is educational and provides those with addiction to substances the information they need to make the right decision. Recovery can be confusing so we try to make it simple for you. 

1. We have The Daily Trudge

2. RAW Recovery is our Podcast Station

3. Keeping you up to date on Recovery News

4. Access to video's and information that we DO not post. 

5. We receive emails and phone calls daily to help those in our community for FREE!


The Trudging Together Street Team

The Trudging Together Foundation (needing a fiscal sponsor while applying for our 501c3)


Meeting others where they are at.

When I got sober at 18 years old I was in a house for homeless alcoholics and this is where I learned the art of meeting others where they were at.

Not just physically but emotionally and spiritually as well.

As someone who has finished the steps it is our job to meet others were they are at and Trudging Together follows this mantra. It is about providing the person in need the resources that fit their needs. There are a lot of great resources out there and should be utilized correctly.

We do not feel we can solve all the problems and that is why resources are so important. Yet none of this will work if we do not meet others where they are at. 

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